6-Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer

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Floor Plan


  • Length: 17’ Box, 22’ w/ Tongue
  • Width: 8’5”, 9’6” w/ Steps Down
  • Height: 11’8” including AC
  • Weight: 7121 lbs.
  • Wheels: 16” aluminum
  • Waste Tank: 525 gallons
  • Freshwater: 200 gallons
  • Additional Water Supply: 1 standard ¾-inch garden hose connection

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Our 6-stall Luxury Restroom Trailer is the ultimate portable restroom solution. This mid-size 17-foot trailer includes six stations and features a spacious and open floor plan. Guests can comfortably move in and out, reducing long wait times.

Luxury Portable Restrooms with Private Stalls

This luxury portable restroom trailer is ideal for events expecting between 400 and 450 guests. It offers separate entrances for men and women

Men’s facilities include:

  • 3 porcelain urinals
  • 1 private stall with hands-free flushable toilet
  • 1 stainless steel basin sink

For women:

  • 2 private stalls with hands-free flushable toilets
  • 2 stainless steel basin sinks

These clean portable restroom trailers will impress any VIP guest list.

Quality Event Portable Toilets

VIP Luxury Restrooms is a leader in the luxury portable restroom space. We provide top-of-the-line portable restrooms perfect for weddings, outdoor concerts, sporting events, corporate events, and more.

Our 6-Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer provides a clean and spacious environment. Your guests might not even notice it is a portable bathroom!

Reliable Restroom Solutions

VIP Luxury Restrooms has been providing reliable restroom solutions for over 25 years. We offer a complete line of luxury portable restrooms for rent. There is no event or site that we cannot accommodate.

Our professional team understands the importance of quality facilities and strives to provide only the best products and unmatched customer service. Whether you need a single portable restroom for a home remodel or several luxury portable potty trailers, we’ve got you covered.

The Luxury Difference

VIP Luxury Restrooms aren’t just any portable restroom. Our luxury portable restrooms for rent are the most spacious, cleanest, and most comfortable models on the market. These restrooms feature real porcelain toilets, stainless steel sinks, mirrors, and climate control systems.

We offer flexible configurations to meet your specific event needs, and we provide ADA-compliant solutions so that guests of all abilities can enjoy convenient and clean portable restrooms.

What Is a Restroom Trailer?

A restroom trailer is a stand-alone trailer that contains individual restroom stalls and handwashing facilities. Inside, they look more like indoor bathrooms than traditional porta-potties.

Restroom trailers are mobile and are usually pulled by a truck or vehicle to their destination. For this reason, many restroom trailers are slightly elevated and may require a few steps to access the entrance and exit.

Luxury restroom trailers come in many styles and configurations and can accommodate several people at a time, unlike standard portable restroom solutions.

Are Restroom Trailers Better Than Individual Portable Restrooms?

Each event and each site has unique requirements and will require unique portable restroom solutions. Restroom trailers are often a favored solution for occasions such as weddings, parties, and corporate events because they feel more like a traditional indoor bathroom than a regular portable restroom.

Trailers are space-efficient, clean, and easy to transport. A member of the VIP Luxury Restrooms team is happy to help you determine whether a trailer is right for your event or site. We can walk you through all of your options and help you make an informed decision.

Are Trailer Restrooms Clean?

Trailer restrooms are often perceived by guests as more sanitary than traditional portable restroom solutions. One major reason for this perception is that each station flushes like an indoor toilet. Flushing after each use helps wash away lingering waste and odor.

In addition, trailer restrooms include handwashing stations with running water, making it easy and convenient for guests to wash their hands.

Finally, each trailer is cleaned from top to bottom after each rental. Unlike indoor bathrooms, where only the floors and countertops might be wiped down, all surfaces in restroom trailers are cleaned and sanitized. Any lingering germs or odors are gone, leaving the next set of guests with a clean and safe restroom.