Porta Potty Rental with Sink Door Open Front View

Floor Plan


  • Length: 48”
  • Width: 44”
  • Height: 90”
  • Weight: 201 lbs.
  • Floor Area: 830 sq in
  • Door Opening: 76”H x 24”W
  • Seat Height: 18.75”
  • Sink Volume: 8.5 gallons
  • Waste Tank: 70 gallons

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Porta Potty Rental With Sink

Our standard portable combo unit contains a toilet, urinal, soap and paper towel dispensers, an in-unit sink, and a two-roll toilet paper dispenser. This unit is perfect for any event, particularly high-volume events requiring lots of restroom access.

Quality Event Portable Toilets

VIP Luxury Restrooms offers luxury portable restrooms for rent, perfect for outdoor concerts, weddings, construction sites, corporate events, home remodels, and more.

Our standard portable combo unit is functional, convenient, and clean, and it will meet your needs for any size event or site. We also offer other products, including portable washrooms and portable show trailers, that can make your restroom facilities as comfortable as possible.

Reliable Bathroom Solutions

VIP Luxury Restrooms has been in business for over 25 years. We have extensive experience helping clients prepare for events and ensure their guests and employees are taken care of. We offer a full range of luxury portable restrooms for rent.

Our portable restroom trailers are functional, clean, and spacious, and our professional team expertly handles setup, maintenance, and teardown.

We understand that event planning and site management doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why we offer some of the most flexible rental services around. Rain or shine, we are here for all of your portable restroom needs.

The Luxury Difference We Offer

VIP Luxury Restrooms offers unmatched quality and goes above and beyond the standards of traditional portable restroom trailers. A few features that set us apart include hands-free flushing toilets, stainless steel sinks, and hardwood flooring.

Our luxury portable restrooms are perfect for any event, large or small. We provide more than just a functioning bathroom. Our products create a comfortable restroom environment that will make the portable bathroom experience a positive one.

How Does a Portable Toilet Work?

A portable toilet works similarly to an indoor toilet, except instead of transporting waste to a sewer, waste is stored in a holding tank underneath the unit. Inside the holding tank, chemicals break down solid waste, minimize smells, and kill germs. When the tank is full or the event is over, it is emptied into a sanitation truck and hauled away.

Some portable toilets flush by using water from a hidden tank. Just like indoor bathrooms, portable bathrooms are regularly serviced to replace toilet paper and maintain cleanliness standards.

How Many Portable Restrooms Do You Need?

Every event and every site is different, so there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to renting portable restrooms. However, in general, at least two portable bathrooms are recommended for every 100 people at an event.

If event attendees are drinking alcohol or staying longer than four hours, three to four bathrooms per 100 people are recommended. The experts at VIP Luxury Restrooms take pride in delivering excellent customer service and successfully helping clients prepare for events and set up their sites. A staff member can help you determine how many bathrooms you need for a successful event.

Are Portable Bathrooms Clean?

Contrary to popular belief, portable restrooms are very clean if they are maintained the proper way. The smaller size of portable bathrooms makes it easy to clean every surface, which means portable bathrooms can be cleaned from top to bottom more often than individual bathrooms.

Simply mopping the floor and wiping down countertops in an indoor bathroom only cleans a small fraction of the germs and bacteria that are present. Portable restrooms are decontaminated fully, leaving them clean and safe.

The cleanliness also depends on the servicing and quality of the unit. That’s why VIP Luxury Restrooms takes such care in cleaning and maintaining each unit and only invests in the best quality models.