Clean and Reliable Portable Restrooms for Your Construction Site

Clean and Reliable Portable Restrooms for Your Construction Site

VIP Luxury Restrooms offers a variety of temporary bathrooms for your construction site. Whether you are managing a small site with a few workers or a large-scale project with hundreds of workers, we have a solution that fits your needs. Workers and guests will have access to clean and reliable porta-potties for the entire project.

Portable Solutions for All Workers: Temporary Bathrooms and More

Look to VIP Luxury Restrooms for high-quality temporary restrooms for construction sites throughout California. We carefully select our inventory, and only a few products meet our strict quality standards.

Our portable toilet rentals are functional, convenient, and affordable, and they will meet the needs of construction site workers and guests for the duration of the project.

Standard Porta-Potty Rentals

Standard porta-potty rentals are a great affordable and flexible option for construction sites of all sizes. Our porta-johns are easy to install, require little maintenance, and provide easy access for workers and guests. Standard models are also compact, and they can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the unique needs of your site.

If you have a large project, we can provide as many porta-johns as you need to take care of all of the workers on the job site.

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers

Luxury portable toilet rentals are another temporary bathroom solution for construction sites. Our luxury trailers include features that make them feel more similar to a traditional indoor bathroom than a porta-potty, including the following:

  • Spacious and private stalls
  • Toilets that flush
  • Hardwood floors
  • Handwashing sinks

If your site does not have reliable access to electricity, we offer a solution with on-site power so that your temporary restrooms can stay operational and temperature-controlled.

Cleanliness Matters: Handwashing Stations & Hand Sanitizer Stands

In addition to our luxury restrooms and porta-potties, we also provide customers with top-of-the-line handwashing and hand sanitizing stations to keep sites clean and safe.

Handwashing stations are generally placed near the restroom bank so that workers can wash their hands after each use. Hand sanitizer stands can be placed throughout the site for the convenience of both workers and visitors.

Shower Trailers

For many construction sites, having access to bathrooms on-site is not enough. That’s why we offer shower trailers for construction sites in California. Our shower trailers give workers the opportunity to wash up on-site in a comfortable environment. Shower trailers from VIP Luxury Restrooms include many convenient amenities:

  • Private shower stalls
  • A climate-controlled environment
  • Private changing areas
  • Hot and cold running water

In addition to our traditional shower trailers, we also offer ADA-compliant shower solutions so that workers of all abilities can enjoy a shower on-site.

Facility Cleaning Standards

When managing a construction site, it’s important to keep everyone safe. You should have complete confidence that your restroom facilities are clean and hygienic. We have always prioritized cleanliness and safety. That’s why we’ve developed a strict protocol that each one of our products must go through between rentals.

We use the latest sanitization technologies to thoroughly clean every rental. We also perform a complete inspection to ensure that every component of the unit is in good working condition before we send it out. There are plenty of hazards on construction sites; your portable restrooms should not be one of them.

Facility Maintenance

Portable restrooms for construction sites require a different type of service than restrooms for events. Construction sites generally require facilities to stay on properties for a long period of time, which means that they will need to be maintained. We take care of all rental maintenance for our restrooms, showers, and handwashing stations.

No matter how long your rental period is, workers and guests will have access to clean and working facilities from start to finish.

Trust VIP Luxury Restrooms with Your Construction Site Needs

VIP Luxury Restrooms has provided porta-potty rentals to construction companies and businesses for years, so we understand the complexities of a job site. We can ensure that employees or construction workers will have access to clean and comfortable restrooms so they can focus on their work.

We’ve been in the portable toilet rentals business for more than 25 years, so we understand what construction workers and managers need for a comfortable work site. Whether you are planning for just a few workers or a large, long-term site, we have the solutions needed to keep your team comfortable and safe.

After serving so many construction projects, we also understand that unexpected events happen. If your site gets off track and things change, we are more than happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Not sure how many porta-potty rentals you need? Our staff is happy to help. Give us some details about your site, and we will provide you with an accurate, honest recommendation on the best rental options for you.

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