Temporary Portable Restrooms for Your Tailgate Parties

Temporary Portable Restrooms for Your Tailgate Parties

Tailgating before a big game is a long-standing tradition. But whether your preference is collegiate or big-league sports, tailgating events have a similar problem: they take place outdoors without easy access to bathrooms.

You can prevent this problem for your guests by renting temporary restrooms from VIP Luxury Restrooms. Portable toilet rentals provide a simple, hygienic solution for those got-to-go moments, which is something worth celebrating, regardless of whether your team wins or loses.

Trust VIP Luxury Restrooms to meet your needs for porta-potties and sanitizing equipment to ensure your guests have an enjoyable time.

Benefits of Porta-Potty Rental for Your Tailgating Party 

Portable toilet rentals provide many benefits that keep guests happy and ensure events run smoothly. Some of those include:

  • More cost-effective than building a permanent restroom
  • Saves energy compared to a traditional bathroom
  • Many options to meet your needs
  • Provides easy access to restrooms facilities
  • Low or no maintenance required during your event

Renting temporary restrooms is the best decision for you and your guests.

Standard Porta-Potty Rentals 

Standard porta-potties allow you to provide bathrooms on a budget and strategically place them throughout the tailgate area. You can position them in clusters to reduce the time people wait for a restroom or space them out so they cover a wider area.

Standard porta-johns are a minimalist solution that gives tailgaters everything they need to relieve themselves conveniently and hygienically. Temporary bathrooms include a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump.

Renting Temporary Bathrooms 

Most sports fans who tailgate want to avoid waiting in long lines or walking long distances to find a porta-potty. After all, they’re likely there to socialize and celebrate. When your guests have access to a restroom in the stadium parking lot, it’s convenient and will keep your party happy.

Placement of your portable toilet rental is one of the first factors to consider. Our team will help you determine whether it’s better to create a group of them in a central location or scatter them throughout your parking lot. Besides standard porta-johns, you can choose from many rental types.

Deluxe Flushing Portable Toilet 

The Deluxe Flushing Portable Restroom provides a space for your guests to relieve themselves and flush away using fresh water. It comes with a connected sink, which drains into the toilet tank.

Guests don’t have to worry about touching dirty handles, as these toilets flush using a hands-free foot pump. This feature, combined with the freshwater supply, makes the Deluxe Flushing Portable Toilet the cleanest and most sanitary type of portable toilet — all it takes is a tap of your foot to trigger the release of fresh water from the sink.

Multi-Stall Luxury Restroom Trailers 

At VIP Luxury Restrooms, we think you should have plenty of options. That’s why we offer multi-stall luxury restrooms designed for maximum comfort. Each luxury restroom trailer includes the following:

  • Private stalls
  • Porcelain toilets with hands-free or automatic flushing
  • Sinks for easy hand washing
  • A tank for freshwater storage

Our luxury restroom trailers are clean and climate-controlled to maintain comfort during seasonal sporting events. Your guests will appreciate the sanitary conditions and feel safe using our luxury portable restroom trailer.

ADA Accessible Porta-Potty Rentals 

All your guests deserve to be comfortable, which is why we also provide ADA-accessible options. You can rent a standard portable ADA restroom with ample space in the stall, a wheelchair-accessible toilet, and a urinal.

Our ADA-compliant restroom trailer features a single-station private room complete with a flushing toilet. Guests can easily access the wheelchair ramp and make use of the hands-free flushing system and faucet.

Clean, Safe, Luxury Temporary Restrooms

Porta-potties have a reputation for being dirty and smelly, but not at VIP Luxury Restrooms. We strive to keep our temporary restrooms clean from top to bottom.

We hold our team to the highest standard of cleanliness to maintain safe, hygienic bathroom products. We sanitize our units using the most up-to-date industry safety protocols.

Determining Your Portable Toilet Rental Configuration 

As you answer one question about your event, dozens more always seem to pop up. Here are a few of the most common questions we get concerning our products:

  • How many porta-potties should I rent?
  • What type of unit best fits my budget?
  • Do I need to order ADA-accessible restrooms?
  • Can I rent a combination of standard porta-johns and restroom trailers?

We have years of experience answering these questions and more. Our team is sure to find temporary bathrooms that meet your needs.

VIP Luxury Restrooms Handles All the Details 

When you contact the team at VIP Luxury Restrooms, we’ll provide you with a free quote. From there, we’ll handle the dirty work, ensuring your tailgating guests have adequate facilities for when they need to go. We’ll get your portable toilet rental delivered and set up on time for the big game.

After the event, we can immediately remove the units, or if you want them a little longer, we can arrange that too. Contact VIP Luxury Restrooms today!

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