Luxurious Restroom Trailers for Your Winery Event

Luxurious Restroom Trailers for Your Winery Event

A vineyard or winery is a beautiful place for a large event. When you expect extra guests, your facility may need more restrooms in your outdoor area to accommodate them. You can rely on VIP Luxury Restrooms to provide the additional bathrooms you’ll need.

We can provide you with standard porta potties and hand sanitizing stations. But wouldn’t you like to level up and rent one of our luxury portable restroom trailers? These modern, upscale portable restrooms will perfectly complement your outdoor winery event.

High-Class Portable Restroom Trailers 

Our deluxe portable restroom trailers are the perfect match for classy events, including weddings, wine tastings, and vineyard tours. They are designed to look and feel more like a home bathroom than a public facility.

VIP Luxury Restrooms are more elegant than standard porta johns with chemical toilets. You can impress your guests with our convenient solution to your portable potty problem.

Winery Events Requiring Portable Restrooms 

Wineries can benefit significantly from hosting regular events, but event planners must account for every detail, including the restrooms. Special events can increase revenue, but only if planners understand their patrons’ needs. Providing luxury portable restroom trailers can make a lasting first impression on any occasion.

Our portable restroom trailers are perfect for any of the following events:

  • Wine tastings
  • Bridal expos
  • Wine and cheese parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate team-building events
  • Winemaking classes

Engaging events attract people to your business, but clean, comfortable restrooms are necessary for them to return!

Why You Should Choose a Luxury Restroom Trailer 

Choosing a restroom trailer for your event has several advantages. A portable restroom trailer is a single unit instead of multiple separate stand-alone porta potties. These trailers are more mobile and are simple to set up.

Restroom trailers resemble typical indoor bathrooms significantly more than standard portable restrooms. Thanks to the flushing toilets, high-end finishes, and sinks with running water, your visitors will forget that they aren’t using an indoor bathroom.

Because VIP Luxury Restrooms trailers are climate-controlled, they may help your guests feel more relaxed than traditional porta johns. Your guests can find privacy in stalls with floor-to-ceiling doors, wash their hands with fresh water, and check their appearance in the mirror.

Will I Need Multiple Trailers? 

How many trailers you need depends on how many guests you expect and the nature of your event. One of our 4-stall trailers can handle several hundred guests. However, if they are consuming alcohol, you may want to consider increasing your facilities.

Providing your guests with supplemental units will help attendees avoid long lines and spend more time enjoying the event. The experienced team at VIP Luxury Restrooms can help you determine how many portable restroom trailers you need for your large or small event.

Your Choices for VIP Luxury Restrooms 

No two winery events are the same. You need options to provide your guests with adequate restrooms to ensure they won’t have to wait in long lines.

2-Stall Trailers 

For wineries planning smaller events, a 2-stall restroom trailer is an excellent place to start. This trailer includes heating and air conditioning, ambient lighting, and flushable toilets. It’s an ideal addition to any low-key winery event.

4-Stall Trailers 

For events expecting a few hundred guests, a 4-stall trailer will be sufficient. The hands-free flushing toilet, molded-in sinks, and soft interior colors create a first-rate experience. Combining multiple 4-stall trailers will accommodate thousands of guests.

6-Stall Trailers 

When your event expects between 400 and 450 guests, start your planning with a 6-stall trailer. The 17-foot trailer has six stations with separate entrances for men and women.

8-Stall Trailers 

One of our most popular models is this 8-stall trailer, which provides separate quarters for men and women. Every toilet stall has its own door for optimal privacy. These trailers have all the amenities you’d expect from an indoor restroom.

ADA-Compliant Trailers 

You’ll want at least one ADA-compliant restroom at all of your winery events. These stations are wheelchair accessible for those who use mobility assistance devices and include similar features to our standard restroom trailers:

  • Private rooms
  • Flushing toilets
  • Climate control
  • Hands-free flushing

Each ADA-compliant restroom trailer has a wheelchair ramp and grab bars to help your guest remain stable.

Exceeding Industry Cleanliness Standards 

VIP Luxury Restrooms believes that your guests deserve well-maintained restroom facilities. We strive to deliver the cleanest restroom trailers each and every time. Our cleaning and sanitation protocols are constantly updated to ensure our customers are safe and healthy.

Our team is proud to lead the way in the portable restroom trailer rental industry. Because reliability and cleanliness are our top priorities, we build strong relationships with our clients. When you’re planning the next event at your winery, consider calling VIP Luxury Restrooms.

We have luxury restroom trailers embedded with high-end trimmings and world-class comfort. Our restroom solutions are the top choice for any outdoor event.

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