Luxurious Portable Restrooms for Your Outdoor Event

Luxurious Portable Restrooms for Your Outdoor Event

If you’re planning an outdoor event, there are many details you must consider. Every piece of the planning puzzle must be in place, from permits to food and beverage and everything in between. One important element that often gets overlooked is portable toilets.

Whether you’re a construction manager or throwing a tailgating party, proper facilities are crucial to the success of your event. Any gathering with a sizable crowd can benefit from the addition of a few porta-potties, but some events call for a greater number of facilities.

Outdoor Weddings 

Popular outdoor wedding venues may have adequate traditional restroom facilities. But if there aren’t any permanent buildings, you’ll likely need to rent some.

You’ll need enough porta-potty rentals to accommodate your expected number of guests comfortably. If you’re planning over 100 attendees, you’ll need more than a few portable toilets.

Reach out to an expert from VIP Luxury Restrooms to discuss the details of your big day. We’ll create a plan to supply clean, comfortable, hygienic portable toilets.

Construction Sites or Home Remodeling 

Construction sites are notoriously dirty places that often lack the proper facilities for workers to relieve themselves. With porta-potty rentals, anyone on-site can access a clean, sanitary restroom. Not only does this increase productivity, but it also saves businesses money and time.

Providing laborers with porta-potties keeps you OSHA-compliant. Regulations dictate the number of porta-johns that must be present on a construction site:

  • One portable toilet per gender for one to 15 employees
  • Two portable toilets per gender for 16 to 35 employees
  • Three portable toilets per gender for 36 to 55 employees
  • Four portable toilets per gender for 56 to 80 employees
  • Five portable toilets per gender for 81 to 110 employees
  • An additional portable toilet per gender for each additional 40 employees
  • One portable toilet for every 50 employees over 200

Worksites may not have to obey these regulations if there’s an indoor toilet nearby or transportation to the closest facility.

Handwashing Stations 

Handwashing stations in or around porta-potties are also a strict requirement. VIP Luxury Restrooms provide dual hand wash stations to keep your hands clean and your business compliant.

Portable Showers 

If your construction crew is exposed to chemicals on the job, consider renting a portable shower. We offer both three- and eight-stall options as well as ADA-compliant facilities.


Any outdoor event with food, drink, children, and entertainment means lots of time spent outside. Sooner or later, nearly every guest will need to relieve themselves. We have several stall configurations that will give your guests ample access to clean, comfortable restrooms.

You can estimate how many portable restroom trailers you’ll need for your event by tallying up how many tickets have been sold or RSVPs have been made.

Sporting Events and Tailgate Parties 

Sporting events come in all shapes and sizes, with many of the most popular games occurring outdoors. Football, baseball, golf, and soccer attract significant crowds likely to partake of various refreshments. Portable toilets are therefore a necessity for any outdoor sporting event.

In most cases, a standard porta-potty will be sufficient. However, many patrons wait until intermission to use the facilities, potentially causing congested lines and long waits. You can avoid bathroom traffic jams by supplying portable restroom trailers for fans in attendance.

Whether you want a traditional porta-john or a deluxe restroom trailer, VIP Luxury Restrooms can supply you with modern, clean units that let your guests take care of business.

Parades and Street Fairs 

Organizing committees for parades and street fairs often run into the same problem — most cities require these types of events to have an adequate number of restrooms available. How do event planners supply bathrooms for their visitors? VIP Luxury Restrooms has the solution.

Whether you need a single-stall porta-john or a four-stall restroom trailer, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to ask about our ADA-compliant facilities!

Corporate Events 

A corporate event held outdoors requires more than a standard porta-potty. Aesthetics play a vital role in these events, and every guest wants to look their best. Providing deluxe restroom trailers will make sure your guests are comfortable and keep them looking their best.

These units feature:

  • Flushing toilets
  • Mirrors
  • Sinks
  • Ample counter space
  • Interior lighting

Deluxe restroom trailers will make event attendees forget they’re using an outdoor facility.

Get Your Lavish Portable Restrooms from VIP Luxury Restrooms  

VIP Luxury Restrooms provides elegant restroom trailers as an alternative to traditional porta-potties, turning your outdoor event into an upscale affair. But if a standard porta-john is what you need, we have those, too.

We’ve proudly served our community for over two decades, making prompt, reliable service a top priority. Our customers know that when they call us, they’ll receive the clean portable toilet rentals they need for any event. We take great care in servicing all our temporary portable toilets, ensuring they’re safe, sanitary, and comfortable.

When you need a temporary bathroom solution for your outdoor event, count on VIP Luxury Restrooms!

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