10-Stall Flex Restroom Trailer

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Floor Plan


  • Length: 29’ Box, 32’ 6” w/ Tongue
  • Width: 8’5”, 12’2” w/ Steps Down
  • Height: 11’5.5” including AC
  • Weight: 11980 lbs.
  • Wheels: 16” aluminum
  • Waste Tank: 1025 gallons
  • Freshwater: 300 gallons
  • Additional Water Supply: 1 standard ¾-inch garden hose connection

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VIP Luxury Restrooms offers portable restroom trailers for events that need a flexible option. Our 10-Stall Flex Restroom Trailer can be configured to meet the needs of attendees at any event.

If you have been searching for luxury portable restrooms for rent — and need the ability to customize these facilities — this is a perfect choice.

We can deliver portable restroom trailers with a 5+5, 7+3, or 10-stall configuration. This gives you the ability to adjust the number of women’s and men’s accommodations depending on who you expect to attend your event.

Luxury Portable Restrooms for Rent: Details

We deliver each luxury portable restroom configured just as you ordered it. For men, this includes:

  • 2 or 4 private stalls with automatic flushing toilets
  • 3 urinal stalls
  • 1 stainless steel sink

For women:

  • 3 or 5 private stalls with automatic flushing toilets
  • 2 stainless steel sinks

Every luxury portable restroom includes mirrors, high-end interior lighting, climate control, and ventilation systems. The trailer carries a waste tank with a 1025-gallon capacity and a 300-gallon freshwater supply.

Luxury Portable Restroom Cleanliness and Safety

When it comes to cleanliness, we believe that there is nothing acceptable other than perfection. That’s why we have always ensured that every restroom facility we provide is impeccably clean.

We also upgrade these standards regularly to keep in line with current health and safety regulations. We comply with or exceed all health directives and fully sanitize our facilities to help prevent the spread of illness.

Customized Restroom Trailers for Any Event

Our 10-stall portable restroom trailers can be configured to provide guests with the facilities they need for any event. We have provided these accommodations for:

  • Sports tournaments
  • Concerts
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Parties

Do you have an event planned in which you anticipate more attendees of one gender than another? Contact us, and we will ensure that your luxury restroom facilities are configured to meet your needs.

Selecting the Portable Restrooms You Need

Are you busy planning an event for yourself, your employer, or your client? It’s imperative that you get every detail right. But it’s difficult to know which types of portable restrooms you need or how many. What you do know is that an event that doesn’t have adequate facilities for guests is going to have real problems.

Fortunately, our team can help with that. We have worked with individuals and businesses in the event planning process for years.

If you tell us about your event and your estimated number of guests, we can calculate the number of restrooms you’ll need. Remember that we also offer ADA-compliant restrooms and separate handwashing facilities.

Let VIP Luxury Restrooms Handle Every Detail

Once you know how many luxury restroom trailers you need, it is now time to place your order. Just fill out a simple online form to request a quote for your rental. After that, we’ll take care of the rest. VIP Luxury Restrooms will deliver your restroom trailer to your event location on time. We’ll take care of setup, teardown, and removal as well.

If you are planning a longer event, you may need to have the restrooms you rented cleaned and serviced. Our team will handle these tasks as well. Your guests will have safe, clean, comfortable restroom facilities for the duration of the event.

Luxury Portable Restrooms for Rent in CA

We rent luxury restroom trailers, portable restrooms, handwashing stations, and other facilities to individuals and businesses. If you are planning a wedding, an outdoor party, a concert, or another event, contact us. We can ensure that your guests enjoy access to clean, comfortable facilities.