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When you’re planning an event that requires portable restrooms, you might not think you have an abundance of options available to you. While that might have been true in the past, the portable restroom industry has come a long way in recent years. That means you’re guaranteed to find portable restroom rentals that meet your needs.

In addition to providing more features and services, the restroom rentals furnished by VIP Luxury Restrooms are clean, spacious, and well-maintained, allowing you to provide bathroom facilities that exceed your guests’ expectations.

Before you consider renting single-stall portable toilets in Long Beach, Pomona, or anywhere else in Los Angeles County, explore your options for giving your guests or employees a more pleasant bathroom experience.

Plan a Smaller Event in Pasadena

If you’re planning a small outdoor event in Pasadena or another part of Los Angeles County, you might not require multiple rentals or a large luxury restroom trailer.

VIP Luxury Restrooms can give you just as much space as you need with a 2-stall trailer with power. We also offer a 4-stall restroom trailer if you think you’ll need to provide bathrooms for a slightly larger group.

Since our 2-stall trailer comes with power, your guests can charge their phones while they freshen up. The trailer comes equipped with premium lighting and hands-free flushing toilets for maximum cleanliness, as well as molded sinks with countertops that are easy to clean with the swipe of a towel.

Our 2-stall or 4-stall options will likely be all you need if you’re not expecting a large group for your event. As such, one of these rentals can be the perfect personal hygiene solution for your Torrance birthday party or family reunion.

Plan a Larger Celebration with Multiple Rentals

Planning a larger event means providing bathroom service for a greater number of guests, and you should expect more people than you initially planned for.

Fortunately, we also supply larger restroom rentals for weddings and similar-sized gatherings. A restroom trailer with six to eight stalls can help ensure that your guests have ample opportunity to relieve themselves during your Long Beach or Palmdale event.

These options are ideal when you’re planning a gathering that includes family, friends, and guests.

The 6-stall or 8-stall options provide the same quality and luxury your guests would experience in the smaller restroom trailers. Either option provides separate facilities for men and women, allowing you to meet all of your guests’ needs with a single trailer.

Make Your Public Event in Pasadena a Success

Attendees often rate their experiences at public events in Pomona, Santa Clarita, or elsewhere in Los Angeles County. More often than not, the biggest criticism is the lack of available restroom facilities. You can easily avoid this issue in planning your concert, festival, or clean-up project by renting portable bathrooms from VIP Luxury Restrooms.

Take our 11-stall restroom trailer, which is ideal for larger gatherings. Like our 6-stall and 8-stall trailers, our 11-stall option is spacious, well-lit, and provides facilities for both men and women. The greater number of stalls will prevent lines from forming and reduce general wait time.

If you’re planning an overnight event in Pasadena or Glendale, you might be interested in our shower trailers, which come with both fresh water and waste water tanks. Choose between our 3-stall or 8-stall shower trailer to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves at your gathering from start to finish.

We’ll Maintain Your Rentals for You

Whether you need portable restrooms in Torrance, Long Beach, Pasadena, or anywhere in Los Angeles County, we’ll perform all the necessary maintenance on your rentals.

We’ll come to your location to empty the waste tanks, restock toilet tissue and other supplies, and ensure a sanitary bathroom experience. That leaves you free to plan the other aspects of your event with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we’ve got the restrooms covered.

We’ll Help You Meet Any Need for Additional Bathroom Facilities

Whether you’re planning a special event in Glendale or your Santa Clarita office experiences a plumbing emergency, VIP Luxury Restrooms has you covered.

We provide portable bathrooms for events of all sizes and budgets. Contact us today to learn more about our rentals and services.

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